Auction Items

Below are some of the items—books, artworkmerchandise and experiences which have been donated already

Book: New Zealand Photography Collected, by Athol McCredie
Book: New Zealand Art at Te Papa, edited by Mark Stocker
Book: Scenic Playground: The Story Behind New Zealand’s Mountain Tourism, by Peter Alsop, Dave Bamford and Lee Davidson
Book (signed by author): Bateman Field Guide to Wild New Zealand, by Julian Fitter
Book (signed by author): Auckland’s Best Bush, Coast & City Walks, by Julian Fitter
Book (signed by author): A Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand, by Julian Fitter and Don Merton
Book (signed by the author): Painting by Numbers: The Life and Art of Ferdinand Bauer, by David Mabberley
Book (signed by the authors): Plants of the World: An illustrated encyclopedia of vascular plants, by Maarten J. M. Christenhusz, Michael F. Fay, and Mark W. Chase.
Book set: Flora of New Zealand Lichens by David Galloway (including first edition,1985 and Revised Second Edition, 2007)
Book set: Flora of New Zealand Desmids, volumes 1–3 by H Croasdale & E A Flint (1986, 1988, 1994)
Flora of New Zealand: Volume 3, Adventive Cyperaceous, Petalous & Spathaceous Monocotyledons by A J Healy & E Edgar (1980)
Flora of New Zealand: Volume 4, Naturalised Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Dicotyledons
by C J Webb, W R Sykes, & P J Garnock-Jones (1988)
Flora of New Zealand: Volume 5, Gramineae by E Edgar and H E Connor (2010)
Book (signed by the author):Evolution in Isolation—The Search for an Island Syndrome in Plants, by Kevin C. Burns
Australian Vegetation, edited by David A. Keith
Discovering Australian Flora—An Australian National Botanic Gardens Experience, by Fanny Karouta-Manasse
Plants of Central Queensland—Identification and Uses of Native and Introduced Species, by Eric Anderson
History of Systematic Botany in Australasia—Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the University of Melbourne, 25–27 May 1988, edited by Philip S. Short
The mistletoes of subtropical Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, by John T. Moss and Ross Kendall
Plants of the Victorian High Country—A Field Guide for Walkers, by John Murphy and Bill Dowling
Florae Insularum Novae Zelandiae Precursor—a facsimile of Allan Cunningham’s 17 articles published between 1837 and 1840 assembled into a single volume. This is an important but often overlooked contribution to New Zealand botanical discovery.
Name those grasses Identifying—Grasses, Sedges and Rushes, by Ian Clarke
The Forest for the Trees, by Wayne Bennett (signed by the author)
Vernacular—The Everyday Landscapes of New Zealand, by Philip Smith & David Straight
An Illustrated Guide to New Zealand Hebes, by Michael Bayly and Alison Kellow (photographs by Bill Malcolm, currently out of print)
Evolution of the Flora and Fauna of Arid Australia. Edited by W.R. Barker & P.J.M. Greenslade. Now out of print. More information and TOC.
Feral opuntioid cacti in Australia. Part 1. Cylindrical-stemmed genera: Austrocylindropuntia, Cylindropuntia and Corynopuntia, by R.J. Chinnock
This book is an essential reference tool for land owners and managers, staff of government agencies, conservation groups, people involved in bushcare, and anyone concerned with identifying and eradicating weedy cacti.
Nature revealed: an artist’s view of the wildflowers of South Australia (2009), by J. Woodman
South Australia’s native forests, woodlands, shrublands and grasslands contain a colourful diversity of wildflowers. The author and artist presents her personal view of these bushlands across much of the State. The fine brushwork portrays in detail the beauty and diversity of these plants.
Sturt pea: a most splendid plant (2007), by D.E. Symon & M. Jusaitis.
Eminent botanist David Symon and Manfred Jusaitis have spent several decades studying and researching Sturt pea. In this book they reveal the secrets of this ‘iconic’ Australian flower for the instruction and delight of biologists, gardeners and art lovers alike.
Plants of the Adelaide plains and hills (2006, 3rd edition) by G.R.M. Dashorst & J.P. Jessop
This popular book is a guide to plants of the Adelaide district, from Goolwa to Gawler. It contains watercolour illustrations and descriptions of about 1200 species. Plant groups included are marine algae, mushrooms, ferns, herbs, sedges and grasses, flowering shubs and trees.
Larger fungi of South Australia (1997), by C.A. Grgurinovic
This book is a revision of J.B. Cleland’s book from the 1930s and gives detailed descriptions and identification keys for all species of macrofungi in South Australia. Line drawings of spores, basidia or hyphae are provided for every species and selected taxa are illustrated with colour photographs or watercolours. This is the standard reference work for everyone seriously interested in identifying larger fungi in the State and beyond.
Seeds of change: an illustrated history of Adelaide Botanic Garden (2006), by R. Aitken
The Adelaide Botanic Garden is one of Australia’s most outstanding botanic gardens and this is one of the finest books ever produced on a botanic garden anywhere. It chronicles the challenges of Aboriginal environmental management, adaptation to arid lands, plant fashions, landscape design, botany and the changing face of horticulture. The book is illustrated with a remarkable range of historical photographs and botanical artwork.
Grasses of South Australia—An illustrated guide to the native and naturalised species, by John Jessop, Gilbert R.M. Dashorst, Fiona M. James
Grasses of South Australia—An illustrated guide to the native and naturalised species (2006), by John Jessop, Gilbert R.M. Dashorst, Fiona M. James
The book provides detailed descriptions of every grass in South Australia and identification keys, as well as more than 450 line drawings of species and 20 coloured paintings illustrating typical members of each tribe. It contains valuable information for everyone with an interest in grasses, including people working in rural areas, as well as and those involved in conservation and revegetation. It is also useful in adjacent states. This is the out-of-print hardcover edition of the book.

Original Artwork
Coypha utan, framed art work, c. 33 x 22 cm (46 x 34 cm framed), by Marion Clarkson
Pandanus spiralis, framed art work, c. 33 x 22 cm (46 x 34 cm framed), by Marion Clarkson
Handmade knitted scarf: Green—a scarf in bamboo/merino blend, c. how long is a piece of yarn? by Peter Jobson

Ginkgo biloba, pen and ink with water colour wash, artwork size A4, with matt board 28 x 35 cm (unframed, but with matt board and shrink wrapped) by Tanya Scharaschkin
Eupomatia laurina, pen and ink, artwork size: A4, with matt board 28 x 35 cm (unframed, but with matt board and shrink wrapped) by Tanya Scharaschkin
Nertera, ink and watercolour, 150 x 135 mm, unframed, by Paula Warren
Pratia, ink and watercolour, 205 x 150 mm, unframed, by Paula Warren
Horopito,ink and watercolour, 250 x 200 mm, unframed, by Paula Warren
Blechnum procerum, ink and watercolour, 120 x 170 mm, framed, by Paula Warren
Aleuosmia macrophylla, ink and watercolour 120 x 170 mm, framed, by Paula Warren
Hand-woven Flax Nest on Driftwood, by Paula Warren
Corybas dienemus, original line drawing of an orchid (a species only shared with Australia’s off-shore island Mcquarie Island), A4, unframed, by Matt Ward
Handmade Uniqueness a bespoke scarf featuring Silver Gimlet (Eucalyptus campaspe), a species endemic to the goldfields of Western Australia and named after a concubine of Alexander the Great who was famed for her beauty. Made from swiss nun’s cloth (a fine wool muslin), which has been steamed with the eucalypt to capture the extraordinary colour and patterns, and then hand-stitched with silk thread dyed using the bark of Brown Mallett (E. astringens), by Kate Brown
hand made bangle, Banksia print, made from copper, by Biotopia Designs
hand made earrings and necklace, Banksia print, made from copper and sterling silver, by Biotopia Designs
Prize pack from Tumbleweed Tees including: Rimu tree tote bag, NZ botanicals notebook (blank), marine notebook (lined), wattlebird wreath tea towel
Set of 8 cards—plant anatomy by Tanya Scharaschkin
Set of 10 cards—botanical art by Tanya Scharaschkin
Set of 8 gift tags—botanical art by Tanya Scharaschkin
Scarf with red gum leaf design by Tanya Scharaschkin
Display board of NZ timbers, 650 x 450 x 20 mm, with a laminated sheet detailing each timber square, by Roy Slack an Otari-Wilton’s Bush Trust member (donated by the artist)
McDonald Textiles, merino wool and possum fur poncho and snood, donated by the Wellington Gardens
Nature Journaling Kit, which includes handmade bag, journal, 2 pencils and a ink pen, also a pamphlet with instructions, background and suggestions about nature journaling, by Paula Warren
Two sets of five unique Leaf and Sprig Study, ink and watercolour cards (blank inside), c. 175 x 105 mm, by Paula Warren
Vilo Alpha Watch—an original timepiece bamboo men’s watch made by the NZ company Vilo, the alpha model is currently sold out, so it makes this piece even more precious. It comes with a premium bamboo case.
ZEALANDIA—Native Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 x Complimentary Family Pass Admission
ZEALANDIA—Native Wildlife Sanctuary, 1 x Complimentary Night Tour for 2 Adults
Trik’n Tours Voucher—Brett from Trik’n Tours has kindly donated a custom $200 voucher to be used at the convenience of the winner. Check out the website to see your options, fantastic for the out of town visitors.