ASBS 2021 Cairns

Biodiverse futures—systematics in a changing world

Virtual ASBS conference from 11-15 July 2021

We invite you to join us for for a fully virtual Australasian Systematic Botany Conference 2021. This will be an exciting opportunity to view our research in a global context and how it contributes to addressing the big challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change, habitat degradation and invasive species. We will also explore how new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, genomics and digital collections offer exciting opportunities to improve the way we meet those challenges in the context of national and international collaborations and knowledge exchange between cultures and across borders.


IMPORTANT UPDATE – ASBS conference 2021 will be held as fully virtually meeting

In response to the continuing uncertainties that the Covid-19 pandemic poses to the organisation and hosting of a face-to-face meeting, the ASBS conference organising committee has decided to hold the ABSB 2021 conference as a fully virtual meeting.

The conference organising committee considered that Covid-19 travel related restrictions and/or budgetary constraints remain highly likely to impact participation in a face-to-face meeting. Therefore, a virtual conference was regarded as the most inclusive option which facilitates the broadest participation, including from international society members and from our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The organising committee expects that the registration fees for a virtual ASBS conference will be considerably lower than that of a face-to-face meeting, further facilitating a broader participation.

Registrations are expected to open in early March.

We will provide further updates on the conference website in due course.

Please feel free to contact the organising committee by email if you have any queries otherwise we will keep subscribers to this web site up to date with developments.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

The Organising Committee—Katharina Nargar, Darren Crayn, Ashley Field, John Clarkson and Frank Zich