Meeting dates

  • Sunday, 24 November—Workshops and Welcome Reception
  • Monday, 25 November—Conference begins, Day 1 of presentations
  • Tuesday, 26 November—Conference continues, Day 2 of presentations
  • Wednesday, 27 November—Field trips
  • Thursday, 28 November—Conference ends, Day 3 of presentations

Symposium themes

  • Celebrating 250 years of advances in botanical science and conservation since Banks and Solander
  • Aligning western science with Mātauranga Māori for better conservation outcomes
  • The Decadal Plan and the future of taxonomy in Australasia
  • Recovery of threatened plants—success stories?
  • Making the most of e-resources
  • Conservation in response to environmental change
  • The contribution of citizen science
  • Hybridisation—an ongoing dilemma for conservation
  • Decoding the green—combating plant blindness
  • Biodiversity and the built environment

Programme overview

details of the programme are taking shape…