Presentations and posters

Here are some general guidelines and tips for oral presentations and posters at the conference.

Oral presentations

Oral presentation slots are 15 minutes long in themed sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We recommend planning to give a talk of 10–12 minutes. This allows for time for questions, as well as time to shift between talks. A rule of thumb is to plan to have about 1 slide per minute, or up to 12 slides in total.

Here are some good tips for preparing and giving your conference talk:

The conference talks will be held in the Cairns Institute lecture hall. This room will have a standard AV setup including an installed presentation computer (PC), projection screens, remote slide advancer with laser pointer, lectern, several microphone options, and a monitor screen for the speaker.

All our presentation computers run Windows and have the latest version of Microsoft Office. You are welcome to bring in your own laptops should you wish, as there is HDMI input at the lectern, a laptop plinth and audio input for your device (digital embedded or analogue 3.5 mm jack). We advise that you supply your own adapters.

Most formats (e.g., ppt, pdf ) are acceptable; if you have created your presentation on an Apple Macintosh, please make sure it looks the same on a PC before uploading. The screens are 16:9 format.

Please do not embed video in your presentation. If you would like to show a video in your presentation, upload this as a separate file.

Please ensure you upload your talk to the computer in the correct room well before your designated session.

Please bring your oral presentation on a USB data stick/flash drive to plug into the installed presentation computer. Conference volunteers will be available at each session to assist with this task.


Posters are great tools for communication and networking. A poster allows you to share your story visually and verbally through informal communication at the poster session. It should be thought of as a visual abstract, and a conversation starter, see: “4 Steps to Designing an Award-Winning Poster“.

Posters can be any size that will fit our hired poster boards, which are 1200 mm wide x 2300 mm high. We will put one poster up on each side of the poster boards.

Here are some good logistical tips for preparing your poster:

You may have additional material alongside your poster, for example, a handout or a business card, which can be made available by placing them in envelopes also attached to the poster board.

At our conference, attendees presenting posters can put their posters up from 8:00 on Monday 25 November, and they will be on display until 18:00 on Tuesday 26 November, when they will need to be taken down. Posters will be able to be seen by conference attendees at any time on Monday and Tuesday during the first two days of the conference.

There will also be a dedicated poster session (Session 8) on Tuesday afternoon from 15:05–16:45, combined with afternoon tea. During this time, those who are presenting a poster will stand by their poster while other attendees can come around and talk to them about it. There are some good tips on how to present your poster at the poster session in: Tips for presenting your scientific poster at a conference.