Visiting the Herbarium

If you would like to view or study specimens at the Australian Tropical Herbarium (CNS) while you are in Cairns for the conference, please contact Collection Manager Frank Zich to arrange access.

Noahdendron nicholasii

Isotype specimen of Noahdendron nicholasii (family Hamamelidaceae), the species is restricted to the Noah Creek area between the Daintree River and Cape Tribulation. The family is respresented in Australia by three monotypic genera.

Most of the staff at CNS will be attending the conference on Mon 20, Tues 21 and Thurs 22 November, and assisting in the field trips so access may be limited on those days. However, we will have staff available to provide access  and confirms arrangements close to the conference dates. Access will be available weekdays during the weeks prior to and following the conference. Please let Frank know when you would like to access the herbarium, and what your requirements are. If you would like access outside of these times, please discuss this with Frank.

You may wish to consult online databases to help you prepare for your visit. All of the collections at CNS are databased and can be seen on Australian Tropical Herbarium Online (though some fields are password protected) or the Australasian Virtual Herbarium.

Additional information on the rainforest plants of northern Australia can be found by accessing the ‘Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants’ online identification system.